“My 16-year-old daughter has been taking lessons from Siobhann since she was 10. I can joyfully report that my daughter looks forward to lessons and can’t walk past our piano without putting her fingers on the keys. Siobhann is an inspiring teacher who’s figured out the spark to my kid. I appreciate her calm rigor and how she champions old-school skills of making live music together. The recitals are supportive and warm, as nerves give way to smiles and cupcakes.”

Sasha, St. Paul

“Siobhann is a great piano teacher – fun, cheerful and enthusiastic. Our 9-year-old son has gone from zero to Joplin in a little over a year, and actually likes to practice. Siobhann lets him play music that’s interesting to him and tailors each lesson to just what he needs to work on most. The recitals are always enjoyable and the students work hard because they’re so into it – all thanks to their terrific teacher. We have recommended her to several other families and found her through a recommendation ourselves. Is there a rating system? 5 stars for sure!”
Misha, St. Paul

“Brandt always appreciated the way you incorporated technology into his lesson. He was thrilled to get a CD with a song he had written on it. Thank you for giving him that opportunity.”
– Selina, mother of 5-year-old Brandt

“I think especially for me being busy with school, and work, having you as a piano teacher was a great experience because you worked with my schedule and helped me learn as much as I could in the time we had together. You are a wonderful teacher!”
– Cyler, Student at Spokane Falls Community College

“What we liked the most about your way of teaching is that you allowed Sebastian to be passionate about piano. He got used to singing everything he plays. I am not sure if this was your idea or his, but the nice thing is that it happened and now he continues to do it. I know discipline in piano is very important, but at an early age the enjoyment is a huge factor.”
– Olga, mother of 5-year-old Sebastian

“Siobhann’s patience and tolerance with young learners, without sacrificing discipline and caliber, made our children’s weekly trip to the music studio a happy and beneficial learning experience. To our delight, our daughters performed their first recital a few weeks before their 4th birthday – a concrete manifestation that great performers are trained by great teachers.”
– Eliza, Spokane

“My children look forward every week to their lessons with Siobhann. She not only encourages them, but tailors the lessons to their individual interests – teaching them everything from Bach to jazz improvisation and helping them to develop a love for music.”
– Tiffany, St. Paul