Reason #1 to play music: it makes you happy


I was looking at Juana Molina’s site the other day (and if you’re not familiar with her, check her out. She’s amazing.), and came across this video. It’s so sweet–I couldn’t stop watching it. I love it because they both look so happy. I love it because it’s a good example of how a simple, repetitious tune can be made more beautiful with a few simple additions of vocal harmony and a counter-accompaniment in the second guitar.

Playing music with others is one of the supreme pleasures in life. And it doesn’t have to be complicated music. It can be easy and fun. Like this.

Something music-geeky I like to do while watching a video or concert of a musical performance is to pretend I’m one of the musicians, and really try to feel what they’re feeling. I love putting myself in Juana’s place here. It makes me feel happy too, and reminds me why I practice music.

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